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Michelerio Palace - Asti (AT)

"Filari di Luce"

[ VI Edition ]

Starting 02-08-2019 until 24-03-2019

Weekdays 11.00 - 17.00,  Saturtays & Sundays 11.00 - 18.00

For Informations phone:  0141 / 592091


"Filari di Luce" / "Vineyards of Light": photography exhibition tells the spirit of Monferrato
From 8 February at the Paleontological Museum an exhibition that enhances the rurality of UNESCO sites
Vineyards, wooded hills, villages, the Alps seen from the hills and Unesco's infernot heritage: five elements of a unified key to approaching an extraordinary territory, that of Monferrato, and make up the photographic exhibition "Filari di luce".
An accurate work of images hosted from 8 February (inauguration at 5.30 pm) to 24 March in the classrooms of the Paleontological Museum: the first of a long series of exhibitions and events that will take place during the year in the spaces of Michelerio.
We start from the "Filari di luce" by Silvano Ghirardo, Alberto Maffiotti, Domenico Rota, passionate semi-professional photographers, but also fascinated lovers of the land portrayed.
"The Monferrato - they underline - is a singular and unique territory: an island, an archipelago where it beats the sun, the wind blows without obstacles and the light is blinding, an archipelago formed by an ancient sea evaporated millions of years ago, where the A look that can span the folds of the earth chasing distant horizons, perfect lines A visit that fills the eyes with colors and the lungs of fresh air Today, this land, the Monferrato Casalese and Asti, is protected by Unesco ".
It is no coincidence that the exhibition, promoted by the Parco Paleontologico Astigiano, is organized by the Unesco Club of Vignale Monferrato in collaboration with the Unesco Club of Asti and the Unesco Center of Turin.
The exhibition is not limited to enriching the look, but leads us to study and appreciate more deeply the identity of the territory that Ghirardo, Rota (both Alexandrian) and Maffiotti (Turin) know well. In fact, they explain that "the Monferrato is among the lands of Piedmont hilly the area where the spirit of the place has been better maintained, the 'genius loci', made of ancient gestures, where people sometimes abrupt and angular but always courteous has become conservative fair of the rurality of the places that not even the culture of consumption and the rampant and globalizing technology have managed to scratch in the intimate.Visiting the exhibition allows you to immerse yourself in these atmospheres and in these sublime landscapes ".
After the peoples of the world portrayed by Sergio Ardissone and the impertinent Pinocchio painted by Filippo Pinsoglio, the Paleontological Park returns to its origins. "The spirit of 'Filari di luce' - recalls President Gianfranco Miroglio - is the same with which we conduct visitors every day in protected areas: we seek our roots and immerse ourselves in a surprising but fragile landscape, like the Paleontological Museum finds We must be aware of the beauty that surrounds us but also of the commitment that calls us daily to take action to deliver intact lands and fossils to future generations ".

Asti, February 4 - 2019

Castle of Casale Monferrato (AL)

"Filari di Luce"

Starting 06-22-2018 until 07-22-2018

Every Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 19.00

Saturday 23 June extraordinary open:  21.30 - 23.30 "open for culture" event.

For Informations phone:  0142 / 444 330

Facebook event:  /manifestazioni.casalemonferrato

'Filari di luce Monferrato / Monferrato Vineyards of light' by ALBERTO MAFFIOTTISILVANO GHIRARDO and DOMENICO ROTA, curated by the Club for UNESCO of Vignale Monferrato.

Inauguration Saturday 21th April 2018 at 11,30 am. 

“Calvo” Public Library - 1, Vittorio Veneto Square - Alessandria  - From 4/21/2018- 5/25/2018

The Exhibition is held by Club for UNESCO of Alessandria

Opening days:

From Monday to Sunday - 9AM .. 2PM

Explorazione - Treviglio

'Filari di luce nel Monferrato / Vineyards of light in Monferrato'

Matexplora and Explorazione museum will host the exhibition of photography "Filari di luce nel Monferrato / Vineyards of light in Monferrato" by ALBERTO MAFFIOTTISILVANO GHIRARDO and DOMENICO ROTA, curated by the Club for UNESCO of Vignale Monferrato.

Inauguration Saturday 3th March 2018 at 5pm 
3 Cameroni Square - TREVIGLIO (BG).

website:  http://www.explorazione.it

MAO - Oriental Art Museum - Turin

'Filari di luce / Vineyards of light'

The multi-purpose hall, will host the exhibition of photography "Filari di luce / Vineyards of light" by ALBERTO MAFFIOTTI, SILVANO GHIRARDO and DOMENICO ROTA, curated by the Club for UNESCO of Vignale Monferrato.

Free admission. Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October,
11.00-18.00. 11 S. Domenico Street - TURIN (TO).

website:  www.vendemmiatorino.it/artwine.html

Winter foggy morning

A new vineyard and tools shack

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In collaboration with the Club for the UNESCO of Vignale Monferrato
Palazzo Callori of Vignale Monferrato - Piazza del Popolo

Inauguration: Saturday, July 22, 2017, at 18.30

The exhibition will be open until October 8, Sat. from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, Sun. from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Photographic exhibition organized by the Club for the UNESCO of Vignale

"Vineyards of Lights"

The exhibition is divided into four sections, exhibited by the CLUB for UNESCO of Vignale Monferrato, shot by Silvano Ghirardo, Alberto Maffiotti and Domenico Rota.

Natural light creates emotions, changes moods, infuses energy, creates life. Anywhere. Unfortunately in everyday life artificial lighting has transformed the way our eye sees and relates to the space around it. It has deprived us of the possibility of perceiving the alternation of seasons and adapting to it. Immersing in the light in the Monferrato means rediscovering the moments of the day and changing it in the seasons: radiant sunrise between the blue sky and the mist on the valley bottom in spring And fall, fiery sunsets where the light evaporates at the appearance of the first stars.

The light draws architectural profiles between the rows of vines, among the forests and on the summits of the hills. Outlines of countries and villages where bell towers and castles towers sway in the cloudy sky.
The light creeps into the depths of the underground cavities where the wine is kept in the light of candles and other shadows. Lights that stimulate our senses and enrich our spirit.

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