Domenico Rota

Born in Casale Monferrato in 1967. Employed designer of automation systems and industrial electronics. He began photographing in the 80s with his father's cameras. Enthusiast in black and white photography, Since year 2000, given the curiosity for new technologies,  buys its first digital camera. Over the years he develops interest in photography of the landscape, especially Monferrato hills/countryside, photographing it with different systems, from BW to the flat sheet film of large format 4x5", to the newest Digital Medium Format.
He recently released some pictures over social networks, and some of his work is available on 500Px at this address :


  • High definition photography
  • 360º photography
  • Still life / Product
  • Fashion / Portrait / Travel
  • Workshops / Photography Courses
  • Camera sensor Debayerization
  • CCD/CMOS IR Conversions


  • Hasselblad Medium format system
    H5D CMOS / Film : BW - Color
  • Large Format 4x5" sheet Sinar F / Wista field, view cameras
  • Shooting & developing BW 4x5" Sheet films
  • Very High Resolution wet scanning
  • Digital IR/UV Full spectrum photography
  • Monochrom CMOS modified camera photography


Domenico Rota
Via  A. Olearo, 1
15033 Casale Monferrato (AL) Italy

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